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October 1, 2011 |
Pizza Delivery

New boss accuses me of stealing….

So at this new place orders don’t get assigned to drivers as they go out, like they should, and I really should have continued my tradition of writing down my runs and separating my tips, but I didn’t. So a few orders get mixed up tonight. We get through most of them, when the owner comes in. She’s got to get right in the middle of it and try to figure it out, but she’s also a victim of OCD and ADD and gets really mean when she’s frazzled.

The first thing she does is try to get me to pay twice for a ticket. I had just given the other guy the money for it and gotten my change. Then she asks for it and I say “we just did it”. She’s like “how much did you give me?” and I say “twenty”. So she’s like “I gave you $2 change?” Umm, I think so, but to be fucking honest, I think it was the other guy who gave me the change. I really can’t remember. I just finished 10 1/2 busy hours. All I remembered was paying for it, not who I handed it to.

Then she says, “You had all credit card orders?” to which I say, “All but two.” She actually says “I find that suspicious. I have people here who can tell me where you went and for what.” What the fuck? I did all credit card orders, except those two in cash. Ask any waiter or delivery person, sometimes it’s all cash. Sometimes it’s all credit. It’s certainly not fucking suspicious. There was no money short, so what’s the big fucking deal? I start to try to explain that to her and she says, “I can see where this is going to be a problem. Every time there’s an issue, you have to give me your life story to explain it.” That’s pretty fucking rude and totally not true.

Time to start looking for another job, I guess.

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