Banned on SuprBay Yet Again.

Your forum account is currently banned. Ban Reason: arguing a modcall and trying to evade ban with a puppet account.
Ban will be lifted: 9th February 2011, 23:41

So here’s what happened: I asked a question about movies being available online before they come out in the theater. One of the mods decided he didn’t like the question so he just trashed my thread. No reason given. So I post in a different area the same question. So they ban me for arguing a modcall. But for me to have argued it, there would have had to be a reason given,and there wasn’t. I think the mod was just being a dick. So I created a fake account and posted I think he’s a dick. So they banned that account and extended the ban on my other account for another two weeks.

THE MODS ON SUPRBAY ARE A BUNCH OF FUCKING PUSSIES. I wish they lived near me so I could see if they wet their pants if I got up in their face. I mean that’s what this is essentially, right? They’re using their keyboards to ban people for no good reason because they’re pussies.” And they are almost exactly like the mods now that Ninjavideo had. The Pirate Bay will tell you they’re all about freedom, and how rules that don’t make sense need to be changed, but look at their forums. They’re just as guilty of being complete asshats as the corporations they say they’re fighting using piracy. Every time the corporations bend them over and stick it in a little further, I laugh. Just like I laughed when they suggested we stop using Paypal for some bullshit reason. Fuck that. I love Paypal. The Pirate Bay can kiss my ass. If they have an issue with Paypal, that’s on them, not us. As to their freedom of speech issues, they’re hypocrites. They say one thing and do another. I can only hope I get to read about the day they get shut down for good. The pirates out there will still be able to get their files from other sources, but the little bitches banning people they don’t agree with will have to go back to playing World of Warcraft and wishing they had a friend, a clue, and a girl.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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