Priced out of work

I wonder how many customers realize that by rewarding my prompt, courteous service with crappy tips like the one i just got, that they’re pricing me out of my job. I took a delivery that was 14 miles round trip and got a $5 tip on a $50 order. So not only was it less than a waiter would get for the same amount, I had to use 3/4 of a gallon of gas to take it. So after gas I made about $2.75. If this keeps up I’ll have to quit because it will make more sense to work somewhere where I get to stay in one spot. Customers are so clueless sometimes.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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9 years ago

It feel u, since u got drive 7 miles the store should charge the customer some type of fee or give u extra $ . What would happen if the order was 15 bucks,the 5 would still sting,imo a five dollar tip for a 50 dollar bill is not that good,it’s ok. Where I live a store 7 miles away probably won’t delivery to me.