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I’ve been there for almost two weeks now and people in Westport, rich as they are, are just bad tippers. $3 a tip average is killing me. I did almost as well in Bridgeport. The volume was much higher over here, too. If i did 30 deliveries at $3 I get $90 in tips. At the new place I might do 13, so I leave with about $40. Plus, they pay $6 an hour and no gas money. So basically I am screwing myself and not for very much. I am working on a side project, dog walking, and as soon as I have the website done I’ll start passing out business cards and he like. Those guys get $15 for a half an hour walk. Walk 10 dogs in a day and there’s $150 for one day of work (and figure it would be like a 7 or 8 hour day as opposed to 12 for delivering). I’m pretty much burned out from the whole delivery thing anyway, and I could really use the exercise for dog walking. My bills are all way behind and I really need money. Anyway, back to watching The Goonies!

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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