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SuprBay Turning Into Ninjavideo Because Of Bad Modcalls.

Your forum account is currently banned. Ban Reason: Modcalls. Don’t feel free to ignore them.
Ban will be lifted: 21st October 2010, 10:40

When I first started posting on Suprbay it was almost impossible to get banned. Now they act more and more like the assholes at NV. Say something they don’t like: ban. Don’t listen to them: ban. Don’t agree with them: ban. Contribute anything in a format that isn’t correct: ban. It’s silly. It would be nice if someone started a forum that actually believed in free speech. It’s funny that on a piracy website they still believe in controlling thoughts. To me it makes them seem like dicks. I’m banned from Maximum PC’s blogs for the same reason: I disagreed with one of the mods opinions so they issued a lifetime ban. Even though I pay to get their magazine.

Now anyone with an ounce of savvy online knows that a ban is pointless at best. It’s basically for the end-users. The people who call tech support for stupid questions. For the rest of us we can change our ip address, use a different email, and continue on. I won’t because it’s the point of it. These guys all act like they’re gods. They’re not. It’s also why I don’t ban comments on this blog. If you write it, I’ll approve it and respond to it, even if i disagree or find it tasteless. I respect your right to free speech. Maybe someone will send this over to the guys at SB so they can read what dicks they’re being right now.

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