Pizza Delivery

Three types of GOOD tippers.

The three basic types of good tippers are:

1) People who have worked for tips.
2) People who are educated.
3) People who appreciate good service.

When the types of tippers are combine, i.e. and educated person who has worked for tips and appreciates good service, that’s when you get a really good tip. There are also fluke tippers, like people with so much money that it doesn’t even compute how well they just tipped. One day I took an order that was $170. The guy gave me $270 and said keep the change. I counted it 3 times. That was a stellar tip. I’ve also gotten $20 tips on $10 orders. They’re rare, but they do happen. Drunks also fall into the fluke category. They just don’t realize how much they gave you and it isn’t our job to question the customer. Ever. lol

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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