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A few weeks ago I go to this one house, and after I give the woman her food, she asks me “Can I tip you?” I told her yes, of course, and she says, “I know a lot of places don’t let there delivery people accept tips any more.” Umm, no, that’s complete and utter bullshit. She should have just told me she was a cheap bitch and left it at that. I knew it, she knew it, but she was trying to talk me out of taking the $2 she wound up giving me for the $45 of food I delivered to her quickly. Let’s do the math: 200/45=4.44444444, I may have added or missed a few 4’s there, but you get the idea. A 4 1/2 percent tip for delivering food in my car using my gas in a timely manner while it’s hot is an insult. People will give a waiter who goes from the kitchen to the table 15 percent. What’s up with that? CHEAP! I hate cheap people.

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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  1. Umm, no, your math is the math that’s off. $2 on a $45 order is roughly 4.5% Had it been 22.5% like you suggested, my tip would have been $10.16. I suggest you try using a calculator.

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