Ninjavideo Sucks

This has nothing to do with driving, but I don’t promise all my posts will just be about driving. I stumbled on Ninjavideo after Stage 6 closed down. Ninja had some good content and still does, but their website is very buggy. If you question them on why something doesn’t work 99.999999999999999% of the time they tell you it’s your fault, then ban you for not posting the question the right way. If you look up the rules on how to post a broken link there are literally pages upon pages of how they will accept a question. Then, more often than not, even if you do post the question in the right way they call you a bitch or a moron, and whatever else they feel like it at the time. Then they ban you. They love banning people. As if they banned every single person they would have anything to do. Then they’d just be script kiddies playing with themselves. I sincerely do hope some hackers make it their habit of taking down their website. They deserve it for being complete assholes. There are pictures of “Phara”, the bitchiest of their members online if you do a search. Google something like Phara sucks, or fuck ninjavideo and you’ll find her pics.

I recommend using Ninja for one purpose only: to see if anything new has been released that you want. Then head over to The Pirate Bay and get it there. Those guys are awesome. They’ve had issues, too, but they’re not dicks about it, and they’re honest when it’s on their end. If it’s on you end, they’ll help you fix it without making you feel stupid. They don’t stream, but who cares? Get what you want to see, and give a big FU to Ninja 🙂

The Driver (Adam Smith)

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