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30 Seconds Or Less (and other delivery nightmares).

Uber’s been good so far

Yeah, been doing that since July. I had to quit that pizza place, working 50 hours a week to make $500 is just nuts. Then you deduct gas and everything else and it’s like “what the hell am I thinking?”. Granted, if you’re at a really busy restaurant it’s not a bad gig. You can Read more about Uber’s been good so far[…]

I know it’s been a while

I quit working at the pizza place I was working t in Trumbull. Now I’m doing ridesharing. Yaaaaay! The pay is much better, but it’s really hard to be disciplined, and it’s hard dealing with drunks and ungrateful people all the time. The stupid score we have to maintain is just nuts. College students and Read more about I know it’s been a while[…]

Had to switch hosts. Got hacked. Here’s a text backup.

Tip The Driver! Delivery Nightmares Skip to content • Home • About • Sample Page My cat desperately needs help $$$ Posted on February 16, 2017 by acsmith1972 Click here to donate Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment | Edit I think it’s pretty obvious by now I suck at doing this regularly Posted Read more about Had to switch hosts. Got hacked. Here’s a text backup.[…]